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“Mr. Kadish did a great job and made sure everything was done right at trial. He is a good man and he got me home. Five out of five stars.” ~Mark Toliver

“My name is Astaim Bagley. Before I hired Mr. Kadish, I was represented by another lawyer, who took my money and didn’t represent me well at all. A friend then recommended Mr. Kadish for my case. He met with me and my family many times, and made sure that my case was prepared for trial. At trial, Mr. Kadish defended me like I was a child of his own. When the jury came back with a not guilty verdict, I was shocked to see Mr. Kadish cry. I know with most lawyers it’s about money no matter what, and that showed me he really cared for me as a person. I wouldn’t take on another lawyer to represent me unless Mr. Kadish retired! However, I don’t plan on getting into any more trouble, so I’ll just have to consider him a friend. Thank you, Mr. Kadish—I would recommend him to everyone.  Five out of five stars.” ~Astaim Bagley

“Representation by Mr. Kadish was always great, whether it was for myself or others that I referred to him. One of the best in Philadelphia for criminal cases—he fights for you to get your case beat or settled as soon as possible. Five out of five stars.” ~Kenneth Griffin

“Thanks for a job well done, you’re a great lawyer, and I appreciate the time and patience you put into my case. Never seen a lawyer who cold make the whole courtroom cry! I also appreciate the way you kept me well informed on everything that transpired in my case and for helping me understand the terminology used during the court proceedings. Thank you for helping me keep my freedom and be here for my kids. You are a great lawyer; keep up the great work.” ~Greg Prudent

“Jason Kadish handled my legal matter, 3 years and two trials. From the moment we met he was realistic and up front. In the court room he is a fighter, and his arguments show the depths of his legal knowledge. Also Mr. Kadish is well respected and spoken highly of by his colleagues. 5 out of 5 stars.” ~Charles Johnson

Not Guilty – Philadelphia Firearms Case

Commonwealth v. A.H.

Client was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and several charges related to the firearm charge. The police alleged that they observed client place an item in the rear compartment of a sport-utility vehicle. At trial, Mr. Kadish elicited testimony from the police that any movement made by client in the vehicle would have been incredibly difficult for police to observe.

Result: Client acquitted of all charges.

All Charges Withdrawn – Philadelphia Drug Case

Commonwealth v. S.S.

Client accused of possessing a large amount of crack, with the intent to deliver, along with drug paraphernalia and a firearm. During a motion to suppress drugs, drug paraphernalia and a gun found during a search, Mr. Kadish demonstrated that the police entered the bedroom without a search warrant or valid exception to the warrant requirement.

Result – Commonwealth withdrew all charges.

Not Guilty – Murder, Assault & Firearms Case

Commonwealth v. G.M.

Client charged with Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Firearms charges after a shooting inside a diner. During trial, Mr. Kadish’s cross-examination of police and witnesses called into question the identification of client as the shooter. Closer examination by Mr. Kadish of the recovered videotape showed client fleeing from the scene along with other patrons, without a firearm.

Result: Client acquitted on all charges.


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